• Contain Various shades to create perfect skin tone. How to use: Apply to skin directly using a finger or with a concealer brush. Blend with finger or concealer brush.
  • Include 8 shades of absolutely paired shades for seamless coverage.
  • Incredible neutralize redness and hide dark spots, pigments and dark circles.
  • Silky Formula and sheer texture for a second skin sensation.
  • Protects and hydrates the delicate skin around the eye zone.
  • Concealer Palette 8001
  • Concealer Palette 8002
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Europe Girl Ultra cover and Concealer Palette is perfect for the professional application desired by all of us. Professional and highly pigmented yet easy to blend , these concealers provide the ultimate coverage to hide any imperfections, creating a perfect flawless finish! For the makeup artists, this is your ultimate must-have palette for your kit for any varying skin tones. Single shades simply don’t cut it any longer

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